Letting Go

Just Saying:
There is difference between giving up and letting go.
Giving up means selling myself short. It means allowing fear and struggle to limit my opportunities and keep me stuck.
Letting go means freeing myself from something that is no longer serving me. It expands my life, it liberate me and  it is self-care.

My Successes:

~ Saturday ~

§Double date: we had a lunch date with my parents, it was great.
§Love: it was great to have some quality time with my loves.
§Joy & Something new: I had 2 types of coffee for my new cafetiere, mmm coffee smells so good!
§CoE & LCC: I asked my sweet baboo about our dinner, we wanted wan tan soup with veggie. Yummy!
§CoE: Fried chicken is yummy too, it’s done! We had food for our easy weekend.
§Fun: We enjoyed our fav program, feet up and we had fun.

~ Sunday ~

§Care: I slept in, it was so good!
§LCC: The water tape was broken, we went to the DIY store and got a new one.
§Fun: I had fun in the DIY/men store and I got a silly selfie with this groovy sun glasses LOL
§Compliment: my sweet baboo did well & he fixed the water tape! He was the greatest.
§Joy: I had my crea bea Sunday, I made some new cards. Yeah!
§Get thing done: I cleaned up my hobby closet, threw some rubbish away & it looked neat. I was a happy girl.
§Love: I talked to my dear friend, he had a great weekend too and we had a great laugh.

~ Monday ~

§Lovely day: A smile & a good morning greet, I liked her smile.
§Love my mistake: Oeps! I made this mistake, I corrected it and it was ok <Phew!>
§Feedback: I appreciated her feedback, I told her that it was my bad and it was fixed. <Aha>
§CoE & Support: she asked for my support, I needed some extra input and I asked for the support.
§LCC: I sent my mail about this issue, I asked for support & they should send their results to my colleague.
§Support: I needed more input, I asked for support and my colleague was sick today.
§Support: I saw this discrepant & I asked for support. Thank you so much, it was clear to me!
§Joy: I loved our lunch walk, we had a great chat & we shared our successes! Hey, I learned something new everyday.
§Get thing done: This project was in the production, woo hoo! It will be “active” when the doc is ready! I am done for now!
§Support: I prepared for my validation, I asked for support & we brainstormed what we gotta do! Yes, I liked our cooperation. <Bam>
§Simplicity: It makes my life very pleasant and I liked it.
§Lightness & Enjoy: I shared my present tips with my colleagues, then we talked about Lego. Woo Hoo! we had great fun to share our experience.
§ISO unlimited: I went for cooperation, this is just PITA and I would ask for support. We should set the limit somewhere! <breath in> <breath out>
§Perfection: I didn’t need to be perfect, thing in my life was perfect and I was perfect. What do I want?
§Letting go: I was a little upset about this unlimited nitwit <what the …> I asked and spoke up what it was going on!  I didn’t need to be on their level. I was calm again! It was good to talk about this shit.
§Fun: I had fun in the tea break and we had fun! <Grin>
§Fun: It was unbelievable that he didn’t see me in front of me, it was just a joke! Wahahaha we had a good laugh.
§Naughtiness: I asked him to keep this “open secret” for me <Grin> and he gonna spread it soon! We had a good laugh!
§Love & friendship: I love my dear friend Q, he texted me and I loved to chat with him. He always made me laugh!


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