My 500th Blog

Just Saying:

Sometimes I need to step outside, get some air, and remind myself of who I am and what I want to be. The best thing I can do is follow my heart. Take risks. Don’t just accept the safe and easy choices because I am afraid of what others will think, or afraid of what might happen. If I do, nothing will ever happen. Don’t let small minds convince me that my dreams are too big. They aren’t.

My Successes:
§It was my 500th blog. Woo Hoo! 500 more to go 😉
§CoE: I met my sweetie darling in the train, upstairs or downstairs? It was a good one.
§Event: I lost her, where were you? it’s supposed to be in wagon 9404.
§Met you there: we met in Haarlem, woo hoo! She had the goodies with her.
§LCC: our team meet and it was good to see the beautiful people again.
§Fun: we have got the outfit, we talked about the take over and it was awesome.
§Fun: We had our crea bea fun.
§Saturday Date: We went out for a movie.
§Event: the sound system was out of order, I went out & looked for support in the cinema.
§Event: I disliked this con movie <sigh> and I finished this.
§Happiness: Great day. Loads of laugh. Hugs. Loves. Smiles.
§Love: we watched the other lovely movie at home Paddington. It was lovely.


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