I love my families

Just Saying:
I respect these that tell me the TRUTH, no matter how hard it is.

My Successes:
§Early bird: we had a kiddy birthday party at 10 am, woke up early & ready to go.
§Something new: The schiphol tunnel was closed, we gotta go to the sightseeing route & it was lovely.
§Event: Oeps! We were too early for the party, just chilled out with the boys.
§Fun: I had great fun & laugh with the boys, they were lovely.
§Love: I loved to meet my families, they were awesome.
§Sharing is caring: Bea shared her stories with me, I shared mine and we had a great chat. She was awesome!
§Sharing is caring: Mommy dear shared her stories with me & I appreciated her care.
§Support: It was my honor to help & cut the birthday cake, I was the best!
§Fun: we hanged out in Micropia & it was an awesome place and it was about microbes & microbiology. Woo Hoo My study & job! I was excited.
§Event: I forgot to bring my wallet again, ArrrrggH.
§Support: My sweet baboo helped me out and I was safe <phew!>
§Joy: I hanged out with my sweet baboo, we enjoyed our quality time.
§Flowery: Oh yeah! I got some accessories for the party, I was excited.


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