Just Ask Me

Just Saying:
I know this will seem a bit crazy, but if you want to know something about me, the best person to ask, is ME.

My Successes:
§Rain: it made me happy becoz I felt relief.  It was something in the air, allergy season started.
§Great start: I got my pagers, get set and happy IT tech support Wednesday.
§ZEN: I love Hump day and it was quiet.
§Support: Oeps! we missed one property and gotta fix it.
§Details (What didn’t work for me):Her details drove me crazy, she repeated it 3 times and after the 3rd time I just cut it short … <counting minions> …I challenged my patient big time & didn’t loss my cool. I didn’t gotta!
§Joy: I shared my stories with my dear girl, we set our date and we enjoyed our chat. <grin>
§Get things done: I prepared for the next DS2 procedures, collected data/input & got great support. Game on!
§Happiness: I enjoyed my quality time & I was productive, focus & happy.
§Get more done: I finished 2 documents Woo Hoo! Twee to go and I didn’t feel like writing more today! <next>
§Love: Doing small thing with great love ❤
§Joy: We had our lunch walk, it was great to be outside.
§Care: I made an appointment for my hair cut.
§Care: I made an appointment for my massage, I gotta spoil myself on my day off.
§Fun: I had a great chat with my friend colleague, he was awesome!


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