Cable didn’t work

My Thought:

My Successes:
§Just my gut feeling: I bought my mac to work in case MIPS needed to log in on our network with my name. Then I can do my thing on my laptop.
§Trust: Ha! I can adjust my document while MIPS prepared the driver. I trusted my instinct.
§LCC: I enjoyed our cooperation.
§Love my mistake: Oeps! the cable didn’t work … aaaaarrrrrgggh again! We used the DXS cable to test.
§Love your mistake: Oeps! the document was out-of-dated and I got the wrong cable. No finger pointing and shit just happened.
§Learn something new: we opened the old cable & checked the setting <BAM> it was the correct one! Woo Hoo.
§Motivation & LCC: I appreciated his support & motivation, I was lucky to work with him.
§Lightness: It was a busy day, no time to be silly on the first of April and we figured out what the shit was. Wahahahaha … it was a great day.
§CoE: I saw something I don’t know and it was pretty wrong, then I asked some questions. Ouch! it was gross.
§Support: she asked for my support, I checked the setting and it was fixed. I liked her smile.
§Support: we needed to solder the wires, I asked for support and we were more than welcome to be in their offices. Thank you so much!
§Love & Support: My mommy dear offered their support, we accepted her love & my sweet baboo were happy too.
§Love & Support: My daddy bear gonna pick us up when we will arrive from London next week & thank you so much! We gotta have quality time with my parents.
§Love: My dear friend Q shared his successes with me, we had a great chat and thanks for the smiles on my face!
§Love: My dear friend Steve was awesome, I was proud of him!
§Commitment: I promised that I gotta go to Yoga, I committed to me that I gotta do it. I had a second thought and gave myself some excuses. No, I didn’t listen to my Bullshit.
§Joy: I went to my Yoga lesson, it was my night out.
§Joy: We watched our fav TV show together & I loved it.


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