My Lightness works

My Thought:

Living with integrity means:  Not settling for less than what I am capable of.  Communicating clearly and asking for what I want and need from people.  Speaking my truth, even when others judge me for it.  Behaving in ways that are in harmony with my morals and values.  Making choices based on what I trust, and not what others believe.  And, of course, always doing the right thing, even when it’s hard, and even when nobody’s going to know whether I did it or not.

My Successes:
§Easter getaway: My sweet baboo went to London with me for the Easter weekend.
§Spontaneity: When I trust myself, then I enjoy whatever the outcome would be. Spontaneity is cool & I didn’t plan everything weeks before our trip.
§Love: I booked & organized the trip and my sweet baboo appreciated my hard work. Thank you darling.
§Lightness: Without planning, without rushing & I trusted what we did and I loved it.
§Crazy fun: we did many crazy selfies and we laughed like crazy! Nah … Yes we did.
§Love: we hanged out with my cousin & it was great. I love you guys.
§Quality time: I loved our quality time, we had a nice walk in the sun, talked about anything & enjoyed.
§Chilling & enjoy: we went to WB Studio in a tour bus, relax, sightseeing & enjoy!
§Happiness: I was a happy girl with a happy boy, we were like kids hahaha!
§Love & Support: my parents picked us up in the airport. Thank you so much.
§Love: we had dinner with my parents, it was yummy, love & fun.
§Sightseeing: we were like tourists in our city, it was great fun!
§Noises: He always gave me feedback about everything, thank you so much.
§Too many successes to remember. I just enjoyed & didn’t worry too much about the results.
§Love: Steve sent me message & shared his story with me. Thanks for thinking of me.


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