Beautiful human

My Thought:

“Human” is the only real label we are born with.  Yet I forget so easily.  To become attached to an opinionated label of depressed, divorced, diseased, rejected, or poor, is to be like the rain, that doesn’t know it is also the clouds… or the ice, that forgets it is water.  For I am far more than the shape I am currently in.  And I, like the wind, water, and sky, will change forms many times in my life, while forever remaining beautifully human.

My Successes:
§A lovely Monday, the sun shines & it was great to start with a smile.
§Support: I asked for support last Friday, with all my respect I am not gonna adjust/change their procedures and then they gotta fix this for me. Thank you so much!
§Get thing done: One, two & three documents were done. I cleared my tasks list, Woo Hoo!
§CoE: my boss told me about this procedure, we found the discrepant in their documents. We were on the same page, great work!
§Support & LCC: my boss sent a mail to GGD & clarified this new law. Yes! It was crystal clear & thank you so much.
§Support: I can’t find this document when I needed it most, she offered her support! Thank you so much.
§Get thing done: The dump started, it took about 3 hours to complete the whole process. In the meanwhile, I gotta finish more documents! Yes I can.
§Compliment: The ZVP guy called me “Super Sindy” with a picture of super girl. Oh wait, I was not blond & I can’t fly <wahahahaha>. I was awesome though I told them <wahahahahaha> Thank you guys!
§Fun: I always had fun with Oh MG and I loved our cooperation.
§Fun: I had a great laugh with my dear girl, I loved our smiles.
§Joy: I enjoyed the lovely lunch walk, I appreciated her company, we shared our successes and we had fun.
§Care: I visited my chiropractor, it was time to take care of my back. I was a happy girl.
§Proud: I shared my success that I liked massage, my chiropractor was proud of me! Woo hoo, welcome to the club.
§Marketing: I shared my massage successes about the Float center (see links) and he hasn’t done the float before & he is interested!
§Love: I loved to hug my sweet baboo, he is my huggy bear.


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