Incredible uncontrollable

My Story:

Let go of controlling what can’t be controlled. – Fear is causing me to be stressed, not external factors like my job obligations or family issues.  Those external factors are just a part of life, but they become stressful when I fear failure, fear people won’t like me, fear I’m a loser, fear abandonment, and so forth.  This fear is based on some fantasy in my head about how things are supposed to be (and I fear that my life may not live up to that fantasy): I have an image in my head that I’m going to be perfect, have people like me, be comfortable all the time, and succeed on all fronts.  These fantasies are a way to feel in control of a world that I don’t actually control, but they’re hurting me by causing fear and stress.  Instead, let go of control.  Be OK with chaos and uncertainty, and trust that things will work out.  I’ll fear less and feel less stress.

My Successes:

§Planning makes perfect: It was a busy day, needed to plan ahead & kept my head clear.
§ZEN: Woo Hoo! I loved silence.
§Fun: I tested the m2000, I was excited.
§Love my mistake: I “assumed” that the assay codes should be with a F .. Hmmm it didn’t work & checked the server logfile. Aha, no F.
§SLCTA: I found this correct assay code in the log <BAM>, assay codes adjusted, stop- start and game on.
§Joy: After the adjustment, everything worked & everything was awesome. yes, I did my happy dance.
§Support: An angry user called for support, I did everything I could to solve this “urgent” problem and my ICT co-worker didn’t do as he promised. Heck! I gave my feedback & I explained what they could do. I liked their smiles.
§Joy: I went to the open day of the children hospital with my colleagues, it was pretty & we had fun.
§CoE: In the ICT meeting, I will be responsible to the old-school IT club and junior will be responsible to the new-school IT club. Great!
§CoE: we clarified the priority of the tasks, some gotta be done ASAP and some can be done later. It worked for me.
§Trust: I may take this task over when she is absent. Thank you so much.
§LCC: I enjoyed our cooperation and it was clear.
§Support: my boss asked for my support, I suggested that the key user should prepare and be ready for this software. Yes, it worked for me.
§Love: My mommy dear asked us to have lunch with them on Saturday, it was my pleasure. Love you mom ❤
§Party: We are invited to a birthday party, yes busy weekend again!
§Unique: I don’t know the birthday boy well, what shall we get for him? Aha, I gotta bake my cupcake for him. Woo Hoo.


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