Too Beautiful To Hug

My Thoughts:

My biggest problems are often in my head. – The primary cause of unhappiness and defeat is never the current situation but my thoughts about it.  Happiness and success really comes down to two elements: the way I think and the way I act based upon my thoughts.  Human beings become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do great things, right now, without the need for anything more.  When I believe in myself, I have realized the first secret of success.  Often finding my way is not about going somewhere new; it’s about seeing familiar ground in new ways.  Once I do, I will realize the only difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how I use them.

My Successes in my story:

We had our quality time with my mommy dear, daddy bear & miKen, I shared my goodies and my day was fabulous.
We were excited to get this birthday party invitation. I baked my cupcakes for the BD boy because I had totally no idea what he personally likes. I loved baking, to share my love & be special were my intention for this gift. The happiest thing was that I shared my cupcakes with my love ones too. I was the happiest girl & I loved to see their beautiful smiles.

Caring is loving: I took my beauty nap in the afternoon. I enjoyed my rest & my love for myself. We gotta have a long day and my battery needed to be recharged.  After this long pancakes dinner, we headed to the birthday place, a blue cafe. It was great to meet some friends & new friends. I was known for some people (!), for example from Facebook, my amazing cupcakes gift and I was with my sweet baboo. I basically only knew the birthday boy and the rest was my bonus.  For the standard introduction, “where are you from?” “where do u live?” “do u know the host?” “what do u do for work?” I repeated this many times in one evening, it was pretty boring to me and I added a little “color”  in every repeated introduction. Being creative in every conversation (with the same boring introduction), I had more fun, I was more into the party and gotta know new people. My history won’t change, it was up to me to make it more colorful & interesting and the best of it was that I won’t get bored after an hour.

When these 2 guys (friends of the birthday boy) came in, I had this funny “feeling” about them, Steve* had a beautiful smile, he caught my eyes first & then we had a great laugh about a nerdy series. I started to talk to Steve that I knew almost no one in the party, I was glad that I didn’t get bored in my self-introduction; He smiled back, he shared his idea with me and he opened up for me and we shared some successes. Wauw! he missed me too when I was outside chatted with the group of funny awesome German guys.
I shared my insight with him: I enjoyed my moment, stop wasting time to worry about my past or future and The only thing I can do is to act NOW. My self-trust, openness  & Joy work big time for me. I loved our smiles 😉 and yes I loved his smile.
Time flies when we are having fun … it was time to say goodbye & good-night. I truly enjoyed my evening with some strangers, I had some good beer & shared some silly non-sense. I shared my hug with Steve when they left!

I had a smashing evening, thank you so much everyone and We were awesome.

(*it was not his real name and I respected his privacy)


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