My First Love: Me

Love is … Love me first.

Start telling myself what I love about myself. – In my own life it’s important to know how spectacular I am.  I really have to look in the mirror and be kind.  Because what I see in the mirror is often what I see in the world.  My disappointment in others often reflects my disappointment in myself.  My acceptance of others often reflects my acceptance of myself.  My ability to see potential in others often reflects my ability to see potential in myself.  My patience with others often reflects my patience with myself.  I get the idea – I’ve got to show myself some love first and foremost.

My Successes:

§CoE: With a very long explanation of one issue, the user desperately wanted the solution, I cut this short & suggested that we gotta get their inputs, then my IT co worker will help her.
§Patient: After the details, I counted 40 minions and I was back again. It worked for me.
§Get thing done: The m2000 worked as I wished, Woo Hoo!
§Love my mistake: After searching for my mistake in the log file, Aha! a solution “popped” in my head & Yes indeed the driver!
§LCC: The communication worked, he founded 2 “weird” results, Aha! I didn’t see this before in the validation! Woo Hoo. It was easy to adjust, released and done!
§Adjustment: He suggested that the OD must be in the order, Yes it was easy peasy! No manual work anymore! I liked his smile.
§CoE & LCC: I suggested that I gotta fine tuned this after he collected the data for me! Yes, agreed.
§Get thing done: I tested, adjusted this MISPL for ONE report. The MISPL didn’t work for me. <heck!> Solution #2!
§Take two: I tested, adjusted this MISPL again. It still didn’t work for me , I left it on the desk for a while & I did something else to relax my brain. Giving up was not on my list.
§Free my mind: I walked to the store & got my brain food!
§Sharing is caring: I shared my pringles, I liked his smile.
§Love your mistake: Oeps! The setting was in the wrong place, I wondered how he tested it. He asked for my support.
§Support: I checked this for him and I showed him how this worked.
§Support: I offered my support when he was absent & he appreciated my help.
§Think Tram: On my way home I relaxed and listened to my music. I got an idea for this MISPL. Aha! Test time and game on! It will be the first thing on Friday.
§Something new: I cooked the chicken in a healthy way (without oil) Thanks for my baby sis’s inspiration.
§ZEN: Yoga evening, Yes I like it.
§Love & Care: I gave my yoga teacher a birthday card, she told me last week!
§Care: I went to Yoga with my neighbor, Gezellig!


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