My Fourth Love .. Forgiveness

Love is … I Forgive me.

I forgive my past self. – When I confront the dark parts of myself, and work to banish them with the light of my forgiveness, my willingness to wrestle with my demons in this way will cause my angels to sing.  It’s just a matter of accepting that sometimes good people like me make bad choices.  It doesn’t mean I am bad; it means I am human.  Get bored with my past; it’s over.  Forgive myself for what I think I did or didn’t do, and focus on what I will do starting now.

My Successes:

§CoE & Love: we had our own quality time, then we will have our Saturday date.
§LCC & Love: we went to the store & got some goodies for our guests. I appreciated my sweet baboo’s support.
§Fun: I enjoyed watching 24 kitchen, one of my fav channels. It was my personal food porn as I told my sweet baboo. He laughed like silly & I was funny he said.
§Shopaholic: I got the stickers, coloring books, color pencils and more stickers. I lost my control & they were too cute! Lucky me 🙂
§Support & CoE: I asked my sweet baboo what kind of dinner we gotta have, yes! This made life easier. Grocery shopping done.
§Fun: Movie time tonight, we gotta have fun.
§Negativity this week:
~ The boat refugees, they risked their lives to look for better future.
~ Stupidity: A hero to a zero, showed the MH17 pictures in a medical conference and I didn’t understand what respect is!
~ Responsibility: taking responsibility was freaking scary and finger-pointing was her talent. She wanted drama and I didn’t give it to her. “What do you want?” is a very good example for me.
~ Hypocritical: this ISO- backup-worst-scenario bugged me for weeks, the intention behind this ISO-standard was great and I appreciated this. This noise was just for attention. Saying vs Doing, it was pretty tough.
§Positivity this week:
~ Cooperation: I appreciated our cooperation, our communication and our commitment to us and to this project.
~ Happiness: A tiny result made me the happiness girl in the world. I was grateful to be part of this exciting process.
~ Love: no matter what happened, I always have my loves with me & they are always there for me.
~ Love & Fun: we gotta have our play date with the handsome’s. I am excited.


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