My Fifth Love: Changes

Love is .. I  Change me

I make the changes I know I need to make. – Just because something made me happy in the past doesn’t mean I have to keep it forever.  If I want to see changes in my life today, I’ll have to do things that I’ve never done before.  Different input = different output.  Move away from the things that drain me and move toward the thoughts and activities that empower and fulfill me.

My Successes in my story:

I was excited to have a play date with my nephews this weekend BUT We slept in & I told my sister that we gotta pick the kids up half an hour later. (CoE) I liked to be on time and I couldn’t turn the clock back, Heck! I can only accept & moved on. (Acceptance) When we arrived, the boys were excited to see us and one of them was cranky! In my eyes, kids were always happy, except this little one and I wondered why.

After their kissy goodbye, the package was loaded and we were ready to take off. My sister & brother-in-law will be kids-free for 24 hours and I was pretty sure that the kids are always in their minds. (LCC)
In our house, there are only my rules and only my rules are valid. (CoE) 3 rules we gotta follow from now on: No Arguing, Cooperation and Care for others. We all agreed and yes game on! By the way tears is not my krytonite and I let them know that they may save it. By the way, why do we cry when we are having fun?

Few things I saw in the indoor playground in Schiphol and I had fun to observe everyone & looked after these 2 sweethearts at the same time:
~ Fun with overloaded-protection from the pa-ma-maffia,
~ Kids were such self-centered idiots,
~ Manipulation circus with scream & tears;
<Phew> the event happened, this little sweetie stepped on my fingers when I helped my younger nephew because I was too big & my fingers were too small and I pushed this monster foot away. <Ouch!>Then his mother stared at me and said ” Why did u hit my kid? ” Oh really! how much did she know the difference between hitting & pushing a dangerous monster foot. I replied “He should watch out other people and it’s bloody busy here” yes, I challenged the mother of the monster feet.

Recently I read this interesting article about sharing & disappointment, kids don’t/won’t share and parents did whatever they can to please their precious. Sharing is scary, sharing is unhealthy, sharing is bad and why was it? Aha kids need to learn and the parents didn’t ever give them the chance to learn (they have their own ipad, own Xbox, own TV, own everything!), do they really love their kids? I love kids ( don’t get me wrong), we don’t have kids and somehow I found this funny to see how people raise their precious! Anyway it’s just my bullshit opinion and I couldn’t know better because I don’t have kid.

The best of all, I liked to be around kids, they were fun & happy. When they were around me, I treated them equally and when they were happy, then I was a happy auntie too.


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