My Sixth Love: Taking Action

Love is … I take action

I embrace the mistakes I haven’t even made yet. – To be successful in the long run, I must fail sometimes.  So don’t let the fear of making the wrong decision prevent me from making any decision at all.  And don’t let not knowing how it’ll end keep me from beginning.  When I act, uncertainty chases me out into the open where opportunity awaits.

My Successes:

§Beautiful morning: It was a beautiful morning & a great start.
§Excitement: I shared my great weekend with my dear girl & I enjoyed it.
§CoE & negative feedback: Too much positivity killed her, yes! You may say it when you hate my positivity. I was fine for me to get negative feedback.
§Care: I informed my boss about the visiting time in ICU, I may visit T.
§Privilege: I visited T, she looked good & I told her that I often thought of her. It was my privilege to be there & saw her beautiful smile.
§Care: I shared my stories with my colleagues & I bought her greetings.
§Focus: I was hard to see her, as a patient, in the ward.  I felt emotional & happy at the same time (she was excited to see me) and I loved her humor too! I kept my focus, stayed positive and it worked for us.
§Feedback: I read this Free town Blog, she appreciated us & basically she missed us. Woo Hoo! I appreciated her remarks =)
§Sharing is caring: I shared my new cooking fun, she gotta cook the chicken for dinner & I loved to share good stuff.
§Sharing is caring: the  fresh papa shared the picture of his baby girl with me, she was adorable & he was so proud.
§Support: my boss asked for my support, it was our bad and I gotta report it.
§Love your mistake: Oeps! It happened again and I clarified this with the unithoofd. I gotta report it & I appreciated with his support.
§Love your mistake: Oeps! It was wrong, I offered my support and I gotta report this too.
§Joy: I enjoyed our lunch walk and it was great.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my successes & she shared hers. It was awesome.
§Love: I loved his greetings, thank you darling.
§Support: I asked questions & clarified about these system metavision & diamant. I learned news stuff everyday. Thank you so much.
§Something new: Yes I gotta adjust this new procedure & game on.
§Think Tram: when I relaxed my brain in the tram, then many solutions came in my mind. Woo Hoo, I am tired & excited.


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