My Seventh Love: Being

Love is .. I love Being

I have to learn to be my own best friends, because sometimes I fall too easily into the trap of being my own worst enemies.  I love the idea of others loving me, and I forget to love myself.

What I must realize is that my greatest task is not about discovering self-love; it’s about breaking down the walls I have built against it.  When I have the courage to push through these walls – to know and embrace myself, despite my humanness, my flaws, and my rejections – I also open the door to connecting in more caring, empathic, and intimate ways with others who are truly worth loving.

I am the one with what is. – Something that is really difficult, but totally worth it, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the journey of becoming my true self.  The most beautiful part of this journey is simply returning to the peaceful feeling of being.  This peace is the result of retraining my mind to process life as it is, rather than as I think it should be.

My Successes:

§CoE & LCC: I clarified with my ICT co-worker about this request, it gotta be done next week. Thank you so much.
§Support: She asked for my support, I didn’t know exactly how to solve it & I asked for support too. She is supposed to know the procedure … <oh!>
§Love your mistake: The conversion still didn’t work <heck!> Aha, an extra space between the result. <Bam>
§Love your mistake: The auto-confirm still didn’t work, I wondered how he tested it & again! shit is fixed.
§Support: My boss asked for my support, I suggested 1, 2, 3 and 4 options and put all in. Game on!
§Compliment: He was happy with the new setting, he gave me his compliment “You are a smart cookie” and better safe than sorry, pdf please! Yes.
§Self-Trust: my medical manager was not amused about this action, it was done in January.  She accused that it was my mistake and I clarified when it was done & I did my task at her request. I felt bad at the beginning & doubted about myself. Hey! I did nothing wrong, stay calm & trust myself.
§LCC: She apologized and I appreciated it.  I spoke up and it was ok to check. It was also great to clear the air.

§Support: I had too much to do, I asked junior’s support & I appreciated it.
§Joy: We had our lunch walk, I shared my successes & she appreciated my directness. Loving my own mistakes is the expression of my self-love.
§CoE & Support: I need to get more input from this project, I talked to the key user & unithoofd and I gotta start this ASAP. Thanks for your support.
§CoE & Feedback: I spoke up that I needed their feedback, now I gotta delay my ISO-nightmare! Keep calm & shit happened.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my successes with my dear girl, she got a negative feedback and she was upset. I shared my successes, I suggested that he did it with his care and she gotta thank him for that. I liked her smile.
§Positivity: I was proud to be a positive person, I bright up my day even though it was a crazy busy day.
§Lightness: I appreciated my lightness today, everyone liked my smile.
§Caring is loving: I loved my huggy sweet baboo ❤


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