Give Up #8: Berating myself

Giving Up … berating myself

Being kind to myself in thoughts, words and actions is as important as being kind to others. Love myself – my real self.  Work through my fears, my insecurities, and my anger (scream into the pillow – not into the mirror, nor the people I care about; they don’t deserve it.)  Instead of hurting myself by hiding from my problems and help myself grow beyond them.  It’s about facing the inner issues that make me believe that I am less than I am.  It’s learning to see that I am already beautiful.  Not because I am blind to my shortcomings, but because I know they have to be there to balance out my strengths!

My Successes:

§Care: I asked about her holiday & I showed my care.
§Care: I asked his weekend & we had some good laugh.
§Event: A document didn’t determine who I am! When it was shit, then SLCTA and the only feedback was “It didn’t fit completely” <huh>
§Love your mistake: it was an event, the wrong combination was given and it should be reported & corrected. I offered my support!
§Awareness & LCC: after this PRO, it didn’t make any sense according to the noise. Well! ” What should it be? ” she didn’t know the answer <Sigh> I was unhappy about this, hey! It was not the end of the world, I accepted that it was my bad without any feedback & let it go.
§Compliment: I loved my summer dress, I got compliment from my colleagues and it was lovely! Thank you so much.
§Love: I asked for permission, I gotta visit T in the ward and my boss went with me too.
§Care: I chose this flower with an Eeyore balloon, I  remembered that she got the Eeyore key chain and I liked it.
§Compliment: yes she appreciated our visit, she liked our flower & balloon. I liked her drive, her smile & her positivity.
§Support: She asked for my support, I informed the HUA about this and I asked for their permission. Thanks for your feedback, great stuff!
§(un)Planned action: I re-sent the copy reports to the HUA & I was proud of me.
§Fun: I used my imagination when I saw this picture, it was funny for me and they thought that it was awesome. <hahaha>
§Quality time: we went to the DIY store to get this new trimmer, then we had our Sunday tea in the city. I loved our quality time.
§Joy: I enjoyed our lunch today, she was awesome and I liked her company.


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