Give Up #9: Doubting me

Giving Up … Doubting me

It’s always possible to go on, no matter how impossible it seems.  In time, the mistakes (the lessons) may not go away completely, but after awhile it’s not so overwhelming.  So breathe … I am gonna be OK.  Remember that I’ve been this uncomfortable and restless and afraid, and I’ve survived.  Take another breath and know that I can survive this time too.  These feelings can’t break me.  They’re painful and draining, but I can sit with them and eventually, they will pass. Sometime soon they’re going to fade, and when they do I’ll look back at this moment and laugh for having doubted my resilience.

My Successes:

§<Awareness> <SLCTA> When I got these “troubles” in my test, I had a moment of doubt and I recognized this self-doubt mechanism, I did “stop, look, correct and take action” and one solution popped in my head.
§<Get thing done> Yes, it was one of my solutions and it worked.
§<Be Me>After this unpleasant event, I just did what I usually did, I accepted what it was and I didn’t like negativity. Hey! when I was cranky, I didn’t insult every family member of other people and it wasn’t my thing.
§<Love> I appreciated his lovely text this morning, he shared his stories with me and I had a great chat & laugh.
§<New knowledge> I figured out why this MISPL triggers didn’t work, Ouch! I wondered how he tested it (why did I gotta fix his shit?) and now it worked for me.
§<One way or another> It was either rslt severity OR MISPL severity! Ha. I was the happiest girl when I heard this song.
§<Self-Love> I let this go, it was yesterday. I accepted it, it didn’t let my Ego win. I loved it, I let me grow.
§<Support> He asked for my support and I found out that it wasn’t done as they agreed on this. I offered my support & set things straight.
§<CoE> I sent my mail to them, they should do what they agreed on or just let me know. Tssss … I didn’t expect that they did it for us and so be it.
§<Fun> we have got yummy cake for our tea break, then I told them a joke and we had a good laugh.
§<Sharing is caring> I greeted the birthday girl, we shared our cooking fun and I wasn’t a rice-eater and I didn’t have rice cooker. <Grin>
§<Support> As we agreed, I offered my support and I fixed one more problem. Ha! I appreciated her feedback.
§<Compliment> I gave her my compliment, I appreciated her feedback & LCC.
§<(un)Planned actions> HBV serum (huh?) and it gotta be done today! Yes I did.
§<Fun> I had a good laugh with the guys, thank you so much!


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