Give up #10: Pretending

When times get tough, my worst battle is often between what I remember and what I presently feel.  Thus, one of the hardest decisions I will ever have to make is when to stay put and struggle harder or when to take my memories and move on.  Sometimes I have to step outside of the person I’ve been, and remember the person I was meant to be, the person I am capable of being, and the person I truly am today.
Because the truth is, I KNOW that I am strong enough to take another step forward, every single day.  Feeling otherwise is just that – a feeling, not a fact!

Stop pretending that I have to be who I used to be.

My Successes:

§<(un)planned actions>My ICT co-worker took my shift over, I appreciated his support & I offered my support if he needed me.
§<planned actions> This urgent tasks weren’t done, oeps! I found my mistakes.
§<Identified my mistake> I selected the wrong parameters, Ouch! SLTCA, I have 2 solutions for these urgent tasks <Bam>
§<CoE> I needed more time for these tasks, I clarified when they needed the data & it can be done before 12pm.
§<planned action> My fastest solution worked, this was done at 11.30am <Ha>
§<Compliment> my boss appreciated the data and they needed more! On its way ma’ am!
§<Compliment> my boss gave me her compliment and she liked my dress. I liked it too. Thank you so much!
§<Support> My colleague asked for my support, I was pleased to to help. I knew outlook!
§<Sharing is caring> I appreciated his support and I told him so, he worked very hard for this document for us.
§<Love your mistake> I shared my “one way or another” solution with him, I fixed it and he told me that he didn’t know what it was! <huh!>
§<Love your mistake> I corrected these last misses, I reported it to my boss, it was “our” bad and I fixed it.
§<Get thing done> 2 items were done on my list <checked>
§<CoE> I clarified what I gotta do with this new command, I repeated this point 3 times and “you said I said” & ping-pong other remarks. <counting 10 minions> I spoke up that she should listen instead of interrupting with her conclusion. <Sigh!>
§<Proud> It was a busy day, I was proud of my lightness. I was proud of my drive. I was proud of my determination. I didn’t let “IT” to determine who I was/am. I didn’t need any of your approval.
§<Love> I loved my huggy sweet baboo.


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