Acceptance & Free

My Thought:

My past has given me the strength and wisdom I have today, so celebrate it.  Replaying a painful memory over and over in my head is a form of self abuse.  Toxic thoughts create a toxic life.  Make peace with myself and my past.  When I heal my thoughts, I heal the health of my happiness.  So I stop focusing on old problems and things I don’t want in my future.  The more I think about them, the more I attract what I fear into my everyday experiences – I become my own worst enemy. Just STOP!

My Successes in my story:

I usually didn’t remember what my dream (REM) was about. Last night I remembered this weird dream and this made me think … again! In my mind “I thought that I was a loser”, I still made fuss about this issue and I couldn’t let it go. I also identified my mistake because I fixated on ONE tiny negative issue and I spoiled my day. For My information (FMI) I have done more awesome good things, why did I focus on ONE issue? what am I gotta call it? Stupidity!
<awareness> <Identified mistake>

When I worked in the garden this morning, I have got this insight: When I see an obstacle in front of me, then I simply remove it (physically) When I have a painful experience, then I step over it & let it go (outside my comfort zone). Aha! When I trimmed the border in my garden, I called every branch one negative issue, cut it & dumped it in the bin.
<Insight> <Get thing done>

On my day off I loved to visit this float center in the city, I enjoyed the sport massage! Although I had some OUCH moment, I appreciated her care for me. I felt awesome after this and I may also write my experience on a guest book! Woo Hoo .. I had the same note book too!
<Planned action> <Self-Love> <Care>

Rational, I am a very rational person and unfortunately one person used this to attack me. I was upset and in my opinion her opinion was not the FACT. This bothered me so much and I had no words for this. Haters are gonna hate whatever I do. I just let it go!
<opinion <> fact>


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