Right here, Right now

Just a Thought:

One of the hardest challenges I face to simply live in my own skin – to just be right here, right now, regardless of where I am. Too often I needlessly distract myself with anything and everything: food, booze, shopping, TV, tabloid news, online social networks and smart phones, etc. – basically anything to keep me from being fully present.
In fact, I avoid the feeling of being alone in an undistracted environment. For being alone means dealing with my true feelings: fear, uncertainty, disappointment, excitement and so on. And it doesn’t really matter if my feelings are positive or negative – they are overwhelming and exhausting, and so I prefer to numb myself to them.
My bottom line is that I am all addicted to avoiding myself. Acknowledging this addiction is the first step to healing it. So begin today by just noticing, with curiosity and without judgment, all of the ways in which I avoid being in my own skin, right here, right now, in this present moment I call life.

My Successes:

§Archived results: The adjustment worked for me, I monitored the reports & so far so better.
§Support: I asked for support, she showed me this different request form <Aha> Thank you so much.
§Archived results: After testing this new MISPL, I gotta adjust 4 more report templates, for them & for me.
§Get thing done: The lists worked fine for me too, It looked promising! Good of me.
§Insight: When I love myself, then I dare to show my feeling. It’s no need to hide me.
§Compliment: I sent out my mail about this adjustment & I appreciated her great input.
§Love your mistake: Oh! I checked this code with them, it was fine to use it and I was ready to adjust it when it was necessary.
§Love your mistake: hey! I clarified this issue, it should be checked properly before we took this action and it was wasting everybody’s time to correct it after a month! Now, take action!
§Get thing done: I offered my support, the data was delivered and happy boss.
§Something new: We had this talk about aggression, it happened that the paramedics refused to support them, then aggression started. I never knew that it happened. Thanks again!
§Proud: I was proud of her, she did a great job.
§Proud: I was proud of me and I was proud of what I did.
§Gratitude: I thanked for being healthy. I thanked for being happy. I thanked for being me. I thanked for being loved by you.
§LCC & Support: she asked for my support, I suggested that she called I&A to report this issue. I liked her smile.
§Let go: Yes I got over it and it won’t get me anymore! Proud !!


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