The Unknown & The Awesomeness

Just A Thought:

Happiness is an acquired taste. The less attention I pour onto drama and negativity around me and the more I learn to appreciate the small things… the more meaningful my life becomes.

My Successes:

§Something new: 3 simple words in this insightful evening ~  Awareness ~ Intuition ~ Consciousness! Wauw …  it was awesome!
§Insight: Feeling Proud can be arrogant. <huh!> When I heard these new definition, I was like Aha! Phew! and Thanks for keeping me grounded. When I am proud of me, then am I arrogant to me? Nah! I got it.
§Insight: Outside my comfort zone is PAINFUL, when I realized that I was afraid of my failure, then I created Successes. I made this “voice” bigger than me! SHUT THE FUCK UP.
§Insight & Something new: when I was in this process (repeat my planned unarchived action & my story),it was easy at the beginning. In the second round I realized that I was basically tired of my own bullshit/story and I felt tension in my arm. Aha, I got it. Thanks again!
§Something new: I “observed” myself in the 2nd round of the process, from outside to inside (trainer explained it!), it was awesome and I got it too.
§A white dot: Wauw! It was strange, I thought that “what was it? something wrong with my eyes?” I was brave to face it, without judgement and let it be. After this unique experience, I threw my Ego go, I allow the dot & me became ONE. ~ Consciousness ~ TO BE in the knowing that I don’t know!
§Insight: When I admitted to myself, then  I just do it. It can be painful, It is always outside my comfort zone!
§Planned actions: I went to the workshop on time, it was awesome to meet known/new friends.
§Identified my mistake: I was biased & my logic killed my feeling. Using feeling was a way of manipulation. I felt fear, I felt love,I felt anger, I felt everything and Feeling is neither good nor bad, it’s just one of my antenna’s.  I didn’t use feeling to sabotage anything/anyone.
§Get things done: monitoring the lists, so far so good & it looked good to me.
§Love your mistake: he asked for my support, I explained that we gotta wait for the conversion (this item was not on WL!), then he convinced me that it was really not on the WL. <Bingo> it was and he simply didn’t see it. <Aha>
§Simplicity: Just simply listen what they say, just simply see what they do & what they are and Just act kind to them & to ME.
§Fun: I shared this funny video with my colleagues, had a good laugh after a tough MISPL thinking, free my mind.
§Fun: I shared this ICT related post to my ICT co-workers, we had a good laugh. <SMILE>
§Fun: I danced & had fun even though I was very tired after a long day. AWESOME.
§Awesomeness: In the last process, I was like wearing an infra red goggles and when I closed my eyes I saw the red shape of person B in front of me & people around me. After a while, the red light filled the room and it faded away slowly. The soft white light came up, I felt muscle ache on my right shoulder and a funny feeling ran from the leg to my shoulder.
It was an amazing process, before the trained explained & we shared our experience. The point was: I became one with person B, I allowed myself to experience what consciousness was, I felt his muscle ache on his shoulder(!), To be in the knowing what I don’t know and I actually sense it.
§Insight: It was Ok to know what I don’t know, stop justify it and stop giving me bad bull shit about anything. Cut the crap and keep it simple!
§Sharing is caring: I shared my successes & I got awesome insights. Thanks guys!


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