A Gift

Just A Thought:

Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be in my life forever. Maybe some people are just passing through. It’s like some people just come through my life to bring me something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn. And that’s why they’re here. I’ll have that gift forever.

My Successes:

~Joy: I met my colleague/friend in the tram station, we had a great chat about holidays. He made me smile big time.
~Compliment: The (un)planned bugs are fix, I sent him my compliment.
~Get thing done: Yes, it was done and NEXT. I was tired of  hearing”I said, he said …” move on dude.
~New Knowledge:  I was pleased to share my successes. As I heard today from M that my experience was the gift for me. When I shared my experience & my energy decreased (?!) Perhaps my energy was lower (by sharing). I should watch out.
2 things popped in my head:
(1) it was her care for me, I didn’t judge at all & I accepted the unknown.
(2) I will keep on sharing my successes.
~Understanding: I shared my successes with my dear girl, she was happier & she appreciated my understanding.
~Sherlock: I should get one more nickedname “Scooby Doo” and I solved misery again. <Smile> I had some funny unplanned actions & I archived wanted results.
~Support: He was free & asked for my support in his email.
~Love your mistake: Yes, we found “double gangers” and Yes, it was on the form. Yes, Oops!
~Support: She asked for my support, we agreed with this & corrected it.
~Support: She asked for my support, I looked it up & Oops! It was stopped by LW. Oops Oops. This unplanned action went nowhere!
~Feedback & CoE: I clarified that we may determine what we do & it was kind of her to report this. Please keep her hands off my orders & I appreciated it. I was also tired of “goed bedoel” and without respect for others.
~Joy: I enjoyed our lunch walk, she shared her successes with me & it was lovely to be outside.
~Love my mistake: Oops! I forgot to remove this trigger from the Dengue. Yes ma’am I corrected it.
~Identified my mistake: I focused on these 2 terms, Proud & Arrogant.I analyzed them, I analyzed what I did and Hey! It was not the end of the world, SLCTA, no judgement, move on & I did well after all. why judge ??
~Gratitude: I am grateful to have Y in my life, he is amazing & a very giving person. I am grateful to have my mom & dad now, they are very giving, caring & loving people. I am grateful to have my sweet baboo by my side, he is giving, support me & loving me. I am grateful to have my dearest friends (A to Z), giving, loving, supporting & challenging me! and my great family .. many more!
~Love: Thought of my daddy bear, sent him my message & asked him to hang out with me when he will be home!


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