A Special Fairy

Just A Thought:

It’s OKAY if I don’t know how much I can handle. It’s fine if I don’t know what to do next.  Eventually, I’ll let go of how things should be and start to see possibilities based on reality. It’s MY life – grasp the steering wheel and force myself to pay attention to where I am going.

My Successes:

§Negativity:I was a bitch today, first of all I didn’t get clear answer & It was me. Secondly I spoke up what I thought & it was me. Thirdly I listened too much about accident, bad English & nagging noise & it was me. I realized that I was the center of the universe. It was never YOU, it was always ME. <Bam>
§Get thing done: Picked up my new books, got the grocery shopping and took a nap! I have done enough today 😛
§Love: I had a great chat with Steve on Skype, he was awesome as always!
§Bad vibe: I strangely “felt” negativity from the surrounding, then I was pretty cranky!  … Ouch!
§New Knowledge: I was tired of this immature behavior. I was tired of this childish, “it was always me” bullshit. Then I realized that I wasn’t responsible to his shit and I also realized when he didn’t care for himself, why should I worry about everything. Holy Shit my day was lighter after this thought.
§Compliment: I liked this new dressing, I gave them my compliment.
§Support: I asked for support in aMac, this lovely guy was awesome. Thanks so much.
§Support: I asked for support, he ordered the dock for me & I was a happier girl.
§New Knowledge:smart phone didn’t make us smart. On the street I saw 3 different groups in different locations. A man held a smart phone, his friends/family waited for answer and some kids looked actually inpatient. Why couldn’t guys ask direction? In my opinion it was fun to explore without navigation. It was pretty stupid to see this almost everywhere!
§Care: A quiet chilling evening & I enjoyed it.


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