Less is More

Simple thing in life:

Simplify whatever I can, whenever I can. – Simplifying is not seeing how little I can get by with – but how efficiently I can put first things first, and use my time accordingly to pursue the things that make a lasting difference in my life. Instead of adding, improve my life by subtracting.  Get rid of unnecessary clutter, negative influences and toxic relationships.  There is a big difference between what I want and what I need – between what’s excessive and what’s essential.

My Successes:

§Identified mistake: Oeps! It was my bad & I added the wrong property in the classification. I realized that it was Ok to make mistake, fixed it, reported it & gave my apology.
§Identified mistake: These assumptions/theories were in my head, I gotta take action, figured them out and done! It was fine to make mistake.
§CoE: I asked clear question about this, no one deleted anything and where were the files? Sherlock in action.
§Love your mistake:Oh my theory one was right and it was very wrong. <Ouch>
§Support: This damned printer was a bad bad boy, it didn’t work and I asked for support.
§Lightness: I took it light in this crazy day! <ZEN> <Smile>
§Joy: This damned printer worked for me, I liked their smiles and they thanked for my “magic fingers”! Hahahaha.
§Support: I asked for support, I asked for permission to adjust the functional parameters. Yes I can.
§Support: I asked for support, she suggested that I should try it in the acceptation. Thank you so much!
§Joy: I walked alone in my lunch break, it was great. My lunch date had trouble to have a long walk, it was OK. She was with the ladies.
§Sharing caring:I shared my day with junior, I clarified some new projects and just let him know. We are a team!
§Patient: I kept calm when she acted hyperactive. when I was calm, then she got her focus. I explained why it went wrong.
§Support: I reported this, I gotta post my remark in the document and it must be adjusted asap.
§Joy: my day is done and it’s time to go home! <phew>
§Urgency: they had a problem, my sister asked for my support, we had no idea. I was the ear.


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