Let Me Shine

Simple thing in life:

“Human” is the only real label I am born with.  Yet I forget so easily.  To become attached to an opinionated label of depressed, divorced, diseased, rejected, or poor, is to be like the rain, that doesn’t know it is also the clouds… or the ice, that forgets it is water.  For I am far more than the shape I am currently in.  And I, like the wind, water, and sky, will change forms many times in my life, while forever remaining beautifully human.

My Successes:

  • Get thing done: first thing first, 3 things (SMS, SSL & PRO55) gotta be done today.
  • Love your mistake: Oeps! this issue happened 6 months ago, no logged, no remarks and what was going on? It was our bad, corrected it & reported it.
  • Love your mistake: Oeps! it was always “he said, she said”, it was never confirmed by any of the bosses. It was her bad, corrected it, started the process all again & report it. <sigh> It took me 2.5 hours to fix this shit.
  • LCC: She asked for my support, I taught her how it worked and Aha! I liked her smile.
  • Love your mistake: She asked for my support, it turned out that they did the wrong tests. Oeps! to be continued …
  • Insight: When I trust myself, then I can handle anything & accept all possible outcomes.
  • Good of me: It was a bloody crazy busy day, thing went wrong, people made mistakes, cry baby and so on. I took a deep breath & I got myself back. <ZEN>
  • Lightness: I took it light, I trusted me and I made MY day.
  • Support: My ICT co-worker asked for our support, I offered mine and we were happy.
  • Happiness: I shared my stories with my dear girl, we had a good laugh, we understood our background and I appreciated her care, her joy and her positivity. Thanks girl 🙂
  • Support & Fun: he asked for my support, we had some results and we had a great laugh! Top job!
  • Rubbish in & Rubbish out: I clarified that I need their input, I won’t determine what they want and it was very difficult for her to take her responsibility and to listen! <Ouch> please I won’t compare this with the other study, never!
  • Sharing is caring: I shared my stories with her, we had a good chat and we were on the same page.
  • LCC: we were the LEAN team for grocery shopping! Woo Hoo 😉 High Five.
  • Planned actions & wanted results: all done. well done!

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