Let my feeling shows : Gratitude

Let my feeling shows ~ Gratitude ~

I committed to myself  that I would never again hesitate to speak up to the people I care about and remind them of how much I appreciate them.  They deserve to know they give meaning to my life.  They deserve to know I think the world of them. Don’t let this reality depress me; let it motivate me.  Let it push me to say what I’ve been meaning to say all along, to others and to myself…

Some days I forget to look around me, Some days I can’t see the joy around me.  It’s up to me to be the change and never forget to say “Thank You” and to be grateful what we have.

My Successes:

§Ouch: We set a new appointment with LW, silly enough I accepted the appointment and the date will be in my holiday <duh!>
§Ouchhh: I mis-read her email, I sent my reply and my mind was totally somewhere else <duh!>
§Get thing done: after 3 hours night rest, I had a tough first-half morning and I got myself back. how? My focus.
§Archived wanted results: CD list is done, it was pretty & I was happier.
§Good of me: I was a “usual bitch” (hahaha…), I just can’t stand this drama queen and I just don’t give a fuck.
§Stop BS: I only believe in action, their words were too big & it’s too much noise. I enjoyed my ZEN today.
§Fun: I had some fun with the ladies, had a good laugh!
§Fun: I had some great chat with my dear girl, we had a great laugh, got some juicy gossip and more laugh <smile> Thank you darling.
§I love my sweet baboo’s hug. He is my greatest huggy bear.
§care: bed time & got some rest! nighty night x


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