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Just My Thought:

What other people say about me is their problem, not mine. – I don’t take other people’s negativity personally.  Most negative people behave negatively not just to me, but to everyone they interact with.  What they say and do is a projection of their own reality.  Even when a situation seems personal – even if someone insults me directly – it oftentimes has nothing to do with me.  What others say and do, and the opinions they have, are based entirely on their own self-reflection.

My Successes:

§Off line: I was offline most of the time. In the evening, I uploaded my photo (selfie) blog.
§Photo blog: the best pictures I have taken on that day, mostly our “WE”fie.
§First time: it was my first organized trip, in a tour bus with a group of 35 senior travelers.
§First time: I forgot to check-in in the train, I was the zwart-rijder. Oeps! With my luck, no one checked. <phew>
§First time: the whole tour was on time, it surprised me that dutch people can do it.
§Archived wanted results: I enjoyed our trip & it was awesome.
§Identified My mistake: I almost lost me with these repeated boring questions and some judgments “why do I speak English?” “why I exist?” .. I realized that people were just curious about me and I didn’t let them get me. I repeated the answer too many times.
§Communication: Promoters & supports were everywhere. My headset & music saved my days.
§Insight: When I trust me, then I determine what  I want to do.
§New knowledge: Why did people talk so much? I also realized that these noise markers were very insecure and they were safe in a group. Talk is like oxygen for them.
§Good of me: Why can’t I do my thing? Yes, i did.
§Care: She got a cold, I offered my support & she appreciated the box of Ricola.
§Openness: This lady asked me directly “Am I adopted?” No, my biological parents live in NL with us. I appreciated her directness and we had a great chat.
§Sharing is caring: this lady shared her issue with us during dinner, I appreciated her trust.
§Bully: This senior was a bully, he wasn’t funny in many extend.  When he wanted to pull my leg and I replied a simple answer. Who is gonna laugh? I did & I spoiled his fun.
§Successes: I wrote my successes on my agenda.
§Insight: When I trust me, I do what my gut tells me and It works for me.
§Exhausted: Negativity sucked my energy empty, I was exhausted and I was negative too.  I realized that we walked alone, had our fun and I recharged my happy energy.
§Love: My mummy dear texted me about our lunch.
§Love: We spent our lunch with my parents on Father’s Day.
§Love: I posted happy father’s day text for my pa in law 🙂
§Planned action: Laundry marathon started and I loved clean clothes.
§Love: I sent my greeting to Q and he was a happy boy.
§Identified My mistake: I was grumpy because of their remarks about my sweet baboo. <Bam> Why should I get grumpy? I thanked them for their care & directness. Few people stared & sighed and didn’t say/do anything. The world will be a better place IF we respect & care for each other!
§NIVEA (Niet Invullen Voor Een Ander) and yes this tart did exactly what she shouldn’t do. Yes, What can I do about it?
§Gratitude: I was grateful for what I have. I was grateful for having my family. I was grateful for our wonderful holiday. I was grateful for having caring people around us. I was grateful for having a home. Everything is THE BEST at home!


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