Wrong or Right

Just A Thought:

Sometimes the wrong choices bring me to the right places.  To be creative and productive in life, I must first lose my fear of being wrong.  A fear like this can only survive inside me if I let it live there.

My Successes:

§Planned action,got results: I tested this new adjustment, the driver of ZVP was inactive and after some support, it worked for me. <Yes>
§Support: Firstly my password didn’t work, then the driver and I appreciated their support, you guys rocked.
§Gratitude: I was grateful to be in this team & you guys were awesome.
§Event: When the electricity malfunction, I went to the lab, everything is locked and a moment of darkness. <Damned> It was back & now the damage report.
§New Knowledge: Why did people scream & shout in this situation? will Making noises help? She surprised me again & Calm down.
§Love your mistake: Ouch! his remark was unclear and I asked some questions. I fixed it, reported it & moved on.
§Insight: Was it my mistake? When I didn’t know, then I asked questions to clarify the issue. I didn’t assume at all.
§Love your mistake: Finger-pointing was easy, our system worked perfectly, what you did in your HIS & I had no clue. Surely we provided our service & I reported this ridiculous attitude.
§Love: I had a great time & lots of laugh with Steve. Thank you darling.
§Support: she asked for my support, I suggested that she gotta take action & let me know. I loved our smiles.


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