Hold it

Just A Thought:

I am not what has happened to you; I am what I choose to become.  It’s time to break the beliefs and routines that have been holding me back.  Respect myself enough to walk away from anything that no longer grows me.  Listen to my intuition, not my ego.  When I stop chasing the wrong beliefs, I give the right ideas a chance to catch me.

In My Routine:

§Overweight: In last few weeks, some caring strangers came to us & told my sweet baboo about his problem – overweight – What did I do about it? I talked, screamed, begged, persuaded, worried, supported him, nothing worked! It was his decision to take action, his call to fight his own demons and meanwhile I lived with a time bomb. He told me once that I discouraged him, yes! I heard only data and I never see the results! I also told myself that I heard enough noises.
I never gave up and it was no way for me to push someone to do something. When he didn’t accept my negative feedback & my support, then it accepted it and I did my part. Yeah I was frustrated and it sucked for him too.
Deep in my heart, I appreciated these caring strangers, they took their risks to give him negative feedback and they cared. People care for us & it warmed my heart, on the other hand my sweet baboo talked and talked about data and facts, no action has been taken, I felt shit again!

§Labels: I read this article about personalities, I was the ESTP-A , the controler and so on. I realized that I just got a huge invisible label on my forehead <Cool!>. Most of the facts are right when I read the paper and then what? I dislike label.
Everyone shared label everyday. Loser ~ bitch ~ Fat ~ Lazy ~ADD ~ Autism …
After this bitch slap event (short version: she insulted my haircut,my race and assumed that every old Asian women look the same bullshit. I posted my feeling on FaceBook, a back stabber told her about it. I was fucked & I got this “bitch label” on my face!)
My lesson about the labels: I was fixated in certain type, in certain behaviors and in certain group. Labels are totally bullshit and biased shit!  I learned my lessons & I made mistake, then I moved on.
When I trust you, then I trust me. The bottom line is that no one deserves any label. Stupidity truely hurts, no one deserved to be bullied by label lovers!

§Planned action: I took the pictures of my Snoopy stuff, I showed to my new special friend, Steve. (p.s. I called everyone “Steve” here, I love to protect my friend’s privacy)
§Friendship: Steve was a caring man, I appreciated our new friendship.
§Archived wanted results: we got a new PJ for my sweet baboo, Yes! we got a discount too <Woo Hoo!>
§LCC: Tofu, biological green tea and some more veggie, our weekly grocery shopping was done. Awesome!
§Joy: We had our English tea & scones, oh yeah! It worked for us.


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