Tropical Tuesday

Just A Thought:

While I am busy worrying about what others think of me, they’re busy worrying about what I think of them.  Crazy? Yes or No? and I never ask to be honest.  The good news is this knowledge instantly frees me to let loose and do more of what I want.  And while doing so, I’ll also liberate others to do the same. When I judge them or compare me with them, I lost me and I can’t be free. My Fear inhibits my freedom.

My Successes:

§Archived wanted result: I tested the ZVP and I liked the result after their adjustment. I was the happiest girl in the world.
§LCC: I love our cooperation. The boys were awesome.
§CoE: I found this odd that the adjustment didn’t work in the prod <Bam> they gotta do it anyway. I lost my focus <phew!> and it happened to a controler too.
§Planned action, done: I informed the type NED group about my test dummy & I wanted to test the dymo printer.
§CoE & Compliment: the type NED group appreciated my question, It was also fine to ask first. They gave me a compliment and we were on the same page.
§CoE: I gave my feedback to the UH and the keyuser, the show starts soon.
§Love your mistake: I informed the unusual format  of this code, I got their reply directly and they appreciated my feedback.
§Planned action, done: I informed my UH about my early leave to the sportlaan, approved & thanks.
§Support: He asked for my support, “Dank je wel & Graag gedaan” and I liked his smile.
§LCC: I appreciated her quick feedback, I tested this task and it looked good to me. Thank you so much.
§Baby Cool: I demanded to close the windows, curtains & doors in our house, I kept our coolness inside 🙂 It’s tropical outside.
§Archived wanted result: I was in sportlaan just on time, got my stand by cell and thanked for the kind lady 😉


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