I worth it

Just A Thought:

Lose the expectation that everything in life should be easy.  It rarely is.  In fact, there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.  Enjoy the challenge of my achievements.  See the value in my efforts and be patient with myself.  And I realize that patience is not about waiting; it’s the ability to keep a good attitude while working hard on my dreams.  It’s knowing deep down that the work is well worth it in the end.

My Successes:

  • Planned action,done: The reports are loaded, dumped & done. It took a little 4 hours for 5000 orders! <data> Keep monitoring was handy.
  • Planned action,done: The new issuer was done, got some extra info about him and ready to go.
  • Support: She asked for my support, it was good of her to give me feedback and I loved our smile.
  • Fun: I told some jokes, no one realized that it was a joke and one person looked at me & winked. Hahaha it was too warm today LOL
  • Openness: I opened up for her, she appreciated my trust and I shared my issue with her.
  • Directness: I clarified this issue with her, I personally thought what if it happened and I guaranteed that I will report this chatty. She told me that she shared this. My case closed.
  • Compliment: He gave me his compliment & thanked for my support. Thank you so much.
  • Compliment: She gave me her compliment, she appreciated my openness & directness. She liked my style. <Woo Hoo>
  • Planned action, done: Show must go on, the reports ZVP were added & I was ready to roll.
  • Gratitude: I thanked my dear girl, I shared my issue with her & opened up how I felt. Thank you so much, darling.
  • Kindness: Being kind worked both way, to them & to me.
  • Growth: I was happy to let me grow. I was happy to achieve my excel. I was happy to be me now. I was happy to open up & get the love.

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