Happiness: number THREE

Happiness #3
Forgive myself. I doubt that I would keep scolding a child over and over for making mistake, so don’t do that to myself. Give myself the gift of forgiveness when I make a mistake. After that, work to figure out what lesson I can learn, and use it make better choices the next time around.

My Successes:

§Care: I slept in, it was finally cooler to sleep and it was great.
§Planned action,done: We picked up salt for the washing machine.
§Blame: We went to the store, my sweet baboo suggested to walk, then he changed his mind, we went by car ! I asked “we walked” ? bla bla bla … I was unclear <Bam>
§Insight: When I trust myself, then I determine what to do & how I do it. When you are insecure, then fuck yourself & look how your correct it and don’t point your fingers to me.
§Enough is Enough: I had enough of his stupid attitude, I didn’t give a rat ass and it was nothing about me. I heard enough BS that never be in action.
§Planned action, done: sending reports were in progress.
§Care: I took a nap <Grin> in the raining afternoon.
§CoE: I asked this travel agent about the flight tickets, we gotta go back there & make our plan for our next holiday.
§Love: I appreciated his text, thank you darling.
§Care: I made an appointment for my SPA, Woo Hoo!


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