Encouragement: Positivity

Just A Thought:

Everyone has times when they could use some support or motivation from others. That means everyone is a candidate to receive encouragement from me.

Look for someone who has been a positive influence. I might look up to this person. I don’t believe there is any better way to be encouraged than to hear from someone that I was a tremendous help in some way. My encouragement will help inspire that person to be a positive influence on others just as he or she was for me.

My Successes:


§Unplanned event: My iPhone 6 just die on my hand for no reason, I didn’t see this coming.
§Support: I called my sweet baboo for support, he was too sweet to help me out and thank you so much.
§Stress: after some stress calls, I gotta calm down & focus again. <breath in><breath out>
§Archived wanted results: With my sweet baboo’s help, I managed to use my iPhone 5 & made an appointment in genie bar this Friday.
§Love: I appreciated his support, I called him & told him so. I love you darling.
§Unplanned action, done: Lyme Go live and first thing first, I gotta test the conversion & assay codes. done & test passed.
§ZEN: I appreciated my ZEN moment in my office alone & I got my focus quickly. A song in my head “All by myself, Eric Carman”, I love it.
§Goodies: we got a yummy treat from the birthday people. Thank you so much.
§CoE: I verified that some new tests gotta prepared first, then export the reports & we gonna talk to Meddex next week.
§Love your mistake: Oops! we had handled this properly, the wrong patient with the wrong reports and it was so wrong. Please fit this LW!
§Joy:Ha! Eric was here again, it was nice to see him again.
§Joy: my dear Q always made me smile, what IF I didn’t have whatsapp, I gotta send him letters and waited for reply <wahahahahaha> Thank you darling.
§Happiness is to be home, had my space, had my sweet baboo with me and my day was perfect! Woo Hoo.
§Sharing is caring: I had a nice talk with my dear girl, we had a good laugh & she made my day brighter too. Thank you darling.


§LCC: It was great to work with junior on Thursday.
§Sharing is caring: he shared an “old-new” setting about ESBL, he got the tips from our partner ICT co-worker. It was great & well done.
§CoE: I shared my points of view about this “old-new” setting, I reminded him to check some queries. <checked>
§New Challenge: I worked on this CDtox MISPL, I had my planning on paper & I got some more input from the girl 😉 It made (my) MISPL easier.
§Insight: When I trust myself, I accept this challenge & I make it work. I translated the input in MISPL & followed my plan. Woo Hoo!
§Archived wanted result: (step 1) ObjAtt worked <checked> MISPL after-commit worked <checked> Oh! I gotta make the new property for this comment <worked> (step 2) just wait for tomorrow when the ObjAtt is off.. then step 3.
§Care: I visited my chiropractor, he took good care of my back & thank you so much.
§Fun: I had fun with MG, I gotta bring my nuts <hahahahaha> for the party.
§Detour: It was a major delay in & around the central station, I determined to take the other public transport to go home. I was hour an half late!
§CoE: I informed my yoga teacher about the delay & I won’t make it on time. I missed Yoga.
§Quality time: I chilled out with my sweet baboo, feet up and chilled out.


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