Encouragement: Putting effort

Just A Thought:

Everyone has times when they could use some support or motivation from others. That means everyone is a candidate to receive encouragement from me.
Look for someone who is putting in a great effort or doing a great job at something. It does not have to be something I am benefiting from. I just have to notice it and show an interest. My encouragement will reinforce the actions of that individual and may give him or her strength to do even greater things in the future.

My Successes:


§Archived wanted result: Yes, CD step 3 worked <woo hoo!>
§Love your mistake: I fixed this bloody thing <Bam>
§Support: he asked for my support, I appreciated his trust & I gave him my compliment.
§Planned action, done: Yes, next CD MISPL <checked>
§Unplanned action,done: The port in Laan van NOI didn’t work, can’t checking out & I went to the customers service in CS <done>
§Planned action, done: tests are done, I was happy girl … <wait>
§Identified mistake: I forgot this admin MISPL, hmm that’s why it didn’t work & <Aha>
§Love: It was lovely to see Steve again, cheers darling.
§Compliment: she liked my dress, i told her where to get this & she appreciated it.
§Fun: I enjoyed our happy hour & we had great fun.


§CoE: My mommy dear invited us for dinner, it will be her birthday on monday.
§CoE: The birthday person determines what he/she likes to do on his/her birthday. Just saying! She thanked me.
§Support: G asked for my support, we talked to him & he appreciated my support.
§Love: I enjoyed our Saturdate, I loved our quality time.
§Planned actions, done: presents <done>, grocery shopping <done>, my baking stuff <done> and I was a happy girl.
§New friend: just made a new friend #zorroforpeace, he is a charming Spanish guy and she loved my laugh <wahahahaha>
§Love: I went to M’s birthday party, it was great to meet her again. I love her lots.
§Fun: I had so much fun in the party, jello shot (so naughty), great chat with new cool friend and it was awesome.
§Support: i got a lift home, thank you darling =)
§Privilege: It was my privilege to be there, met great people & I was loved.


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