By increasing social activity, I decrease loneliness. Surround myself with healthy, happy people, and their positive energy will affect me in a positive way!

My Successes:

§Support: she asked for my support, it was a simple task and I would please to make her happy. It is LEAN.
§Archived wanted result,done: CDtox in the PROD and it worked <Yeah>.
§Planned actions: 3 tasks in a row, I determined to choose those two, one for junior.
§LCC & CoE: I asked for input, it was Ok and it was more fun to cooperate than do it alone.
§Support: He spoke up about his planning, I offered my support.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my new-baking-tips, it was awesome.
§Support: she asked for my support, her mouse is “dead” and she got a new one.
§ZEN: earphones is my best friend today, noise makers were active & I listened to my songs. I loved it.
§Gratitude: I shared my experience about the cleaners at work, they did a great job, they took good care of me and my office. I respected them & appreciated their contribution.
§Party time: I was in a party, we celebrated this project and it was great to meet the guests.
§Goodies: I shared goodies in the party, yummy! party on.
§CoE: with all my respect, I let her know what I gotta do, I asked a question & she screamed as always. Can people talk normally?
§Choice: When I don’t choose you, it isn’t about you and it’s me. I decide to keep my distance from you and you bring negativity in my life. Peace.
§Love: I love my huggy sweet baboo.
§Friendship: A girl friend invited me to her place & hanged out. Awesome !!


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