Make a habit of substituting unhappy thoughts with happy thoughts. Whenever an unfavorable picture enters my mind, eject it and replace it with a pleasant one. I all have some nice experiences to recollect and there are usually little pleasures around me most of the time. I can even imagine enjoyable experiences, and it will have a similar positive effect.

My Successes:

§Planned action,done: read my emails after a day off, ISO issue and we failed in the first round. <heck!>
§Planned action, done: replied my mails & took action.
§Feedback: I talked to her about ISO, I was sorry that we didn’t make (32 misses) it, we did mostly well and we will make it next time <smile>
§Archived wanted results: To enumerate or not to enumerate, I had an idea & tested this. <done> my conclusion: gotta let her decide & fun started.
§Archived wanted results: I spoke to her about this, it was up to her if she wanted it. It will be a huge project. <not done> <YES, I thought so>
§CoE: I sent out my mail about this, I got her reply & “pasted” in this request.<no go & we knew>
§Support: I asked for support, I asked for permission & I got this document & thank you so much.
§Support: She asked for my support, I was clear that I wasn’t the key person to know their procedures. I suggested to talk to her in person.
§Love your mistake: after our short meet, I showed what it was about and we found a mistake <Oeps> It was fine to make new friend outside my department.
§LCC & CoE: I was clear about what my role was, I suggested that she gotta contact my ICT co-workers.
§Fixed it: Our dish washer beeped, it wasn’t right, I cleaned it & it worked properly again. <Magic fingers>
§Planned actions: I made my planning, started my research and I will start on monday. At 5 pm I am supposed to leave my office.
§Insight: When I trust me, then I just go & take action. Self-doubting has no space in this process! It worked for me.
§Love: I sent my love to D & S, they did awesome in the training and I was a happy girl.
§Love: I was glad to help out my dear Q, I was happy for him! You go hunny x


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