Present moments

There are many small things that can make me happy as well as give me endless joy.  I’ve listed seven simple ways toward experiencing a happy moment, but first check I have a reference point to the word happy.

Find out what happy really means to me?

2. Access the Present moment.  Notice what happens to me when I am totally focussed on a comedy show on television, when I listen to light hearted music or when I dance – even if it’s on MY own.
Remember them totally by living the experience and I will then be able to recall this memory when I want to.

My Present moments:
§1: I groove to a tune of “Happy” in my office when no-one’s there – it makes me feel awesome, happy, gives me a break from what I’m doing, I laugh at myself and I get my focus back!
§2: I write my blog and share my successes! My day is awesome and I am grateful for every day.
§3: I play with my nephews, it is great to play like a kid, pull silly faces  and have fun.
§4: I love baking, making yummy pretty cup cakes and I enjoy the process! I love to share my goodies.
§5: I smile or laugh sometimes in the public when I read a funny text, people stare and I don’t give a rat ass. My happiness is bigger than my image!

My Successes:

§Archived wanted result: no work, it was my day off.
§Archived wanted result: I left my iPhone on the dock, didn’t check whatsapp or emails.
§Planned action, done: It was a lazy, relaxing day and I loved it.
§Food porn: I watched one episode of Martha Baking on 24Kitchen, it turned out I watched the same channel from 12 – 16! Am I blind now? <smile>
§Happiness: I got some more inspirations for my next few blogs “Find out what happy really means to me”, 5 to go !! I was happy.
§Food porn never stop: Rudolph’s Bakery was mind blowing, I gotta bake some goodies , Oh Yeah!
§Love: we skyped my pa-ma- in law last night, it was great to see them again and Love them lots.
§Friendship: I appreciated your friendship, darling! We had a great laugh.
§Fun: My cooking fun time, yummy Tofu & veggie for dinner.
§New Knowledge: Doing nothing isn’t waste of time, I experienced peace in my head and it was fascinating.


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