New Moments

There are many small things that can make me happy as well as give me endless joy.  I’ve listed seven simple ways toward experiencing a happy moment, but first check I have a reference point to the word happy.

Find out what happy really means to me?

6.    Learn something totally new such as another language; pottery or painting or start my meditation, personal or spiritual development program.  I am only ever limited by my own imagination.

Remember them totally by living the experience and I will then be able to recall this memory when I want to.

My Totally new moment:

§1:Massage: I learn to accept, to open up and to enjoy it. I love it.
§2:Almond milk: Cow milk makes me sick, this is enjoyable & yummy.
§3:Kundalini Yoga: I am a powerhouse, now I get it & I like it.
§4:Essence: trainings & Full time assisting, joy and excellence.

My Successes:

§Archived wanted result: after a good night sleep, my GLIMS parachute opened wildly and I got one more solution.
§CoE: back to the source of the event, “we are professional, what the …” and I was clear with my bottom line <sigh> no more no less and I just spoke my mind.
§Planned action,done: Blot conversion went live, tested & done! I was a happy girl.
§Support: my colleague asked for my support, she asked me for her password. WHAT! <hahahaha> she was just forgetful.
§Fun: I showed her a funny old-school song, she has never heard it before <snapppie – de kleine krokodil>, it was hilarious! I loved our laugh.
§Lightness: I enjoyed my busy days, I loved my lightness and I enjoyed my peaceful day.
§Care: our house was cleaned, I appreciated her care and support & she was great!
§Aha: I tested this Enumerated datatype, it was a pain & I got it . <Bam>
§Love your mistake: I fixed this LEGAG, he just forgot this 1 line MISPL & it caused me some headache yesterday. <done>
§Insight: Rubbish in Rubbish out. It works in GLIMS & in life too.


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