My Moments

From my experience the key to a happy life begins with remembering who I am, know what gives me enjoyment, be present, and know that regardless of my circumstances no–one can take away my thoughts or dreams, they are mine to keep for as long as I wish.

Happy me moment:

§1:My love & my trust for me.
§2:My love for my families & friends.
§3:Your Love for me no matter how much mistakes I made.
§4:Be myself no matter what, some will adore me & some will hate me everything about me. It’s my life.
§5:I open up for the life trainings & I love the new page of my life.

My Successes:

§CoE: I sent out my mails about the EDI, I didn’t receive the notifications. I asked for support.
§Love your mistake: Oops! the password was adjusted, EDI is sent and problem solved.
§Sharing is caring: I appreciated his trust , he shared his story with me & I opened up for him. Thank you so much.
§Noise maker: I didn’t let her noise to get me, direct to the point ” I will do it” <if you end your noise.> A simple question should be easier.
§Give me more: they wanted some adjustment, bring it on beautiful.
§Identified MY mistake: I figured out this mistake, I corrected it, tested it & <Bam> It worked as I wish.
§Planned action done: This report template is adjusted, tested & it looked better than ever. I was a happy girl.
§Archived wanted result: keep calm & it was only noise. I enjoyed my lightness, my love for myself & I enjoyed my silence.
§CoE: I asked for his support, he was very busy & he simply said no! It was clear & I liked  direct answer.
§Support: I asked for his support, I clarified that I didn’t like to guess what I didn’t know and I appreciated his support.
§Support: She asked for my support, I suggested our arrangement for this week & it worked for us!
§Sharing is caring: I chatted with my dear girl, she shared her event & I was the ear.
§Archived wanted result: my “Happy moments” series is done, I was happy & it was fun to do.
§Insight: When I am love me, then I give love to others.


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