Motivation ~D E F~

Motivation alphabet ~ D E F ~

With the countless negativities the world brings about, how do I keep motivated?
D – Don’t give up and don’t give in. Make motivation as my steering wheel.
E – Enjoy. Work as if I don’t need money. Dance as if nobody’s watching. Love as if I never cried. Motivation takes place when people are happy.
F – Family and Friends – are life’s greatest ‘F’ treasures. Don’t loose sight of them.

My Successes:

§Tears of joy: I watched this beautiful clip on You tube about some deaf people who have got a hearing aid. Their first encounter with noise was amazing . It was beautiful! I was emotional & tears in my eyes in the tram. <sniff>
§Insight: When I love myself, then I can give love to others. When I don’t have it & how I could give it! <smile>
§Gratitude: I was grateful to be here today, it was a lovely day & I stop nagging. I don’t give a fuck what naggers did, just noise.
§Fun: I signed up for this activity on FB “Nag free monday” (click Klaagvrije maandag). It will be on 17th Aug 2015 and I am in.
§Happiness: I shared some stories with my dear girl, we had a good laugh & Ew! indeed. Yeah! Something gross, something funny <Smile>
§Love: I was happy to see my happy sweet baboo, he worked very hard & he can be cranky sometimes when he was home (likewise !!) I love him lots & just told him ❤
§Archived wanted result, failed: I was very creative today, when it didn’t work then I adjusted & tested, then more adjustment. Did I fail? Yes. Am I a loser? No. Was I happy? Yes.
§New Knowledge: MISPL can’t make me a cup of coffee, I accepted it.
§Upgrade: I was Sindy 3.1 and I was automatic for this shit list! <wahaha>
§CoE: people simply can’t listen, I repeated my answer twice & then the volume of her voice raised. <breath in> <breath out> Keep calm & I repeated my answer for the last time. Screaming didn’t help sweetie!
§Joy: we walked to the petting zoo & enjoyed our lunch. It was a lovely day.
§Never: I never give up & never give in. Last few days, I have found these shitty tasks & I  was on the edge of “giving up”. I found the alternative solution and I found peace with them.
§Saying No: I didn’t have a clue what it was, it was landed in my post and I asked what she meant. It turned out that she wanted me to do this for her AND the answer was on the paper! I said No and she sighed. I didn’t care!
§Happiness: Being me was good. Saying No was fine. I determined what I wanted. No one walked all over me ever I was nice.
§Treat: I deserved a treat after a brain-killing-MISPL and hmmm I love chocolate.


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