Get Better Everyday

Get better everyday

Plan to do one thing that will help me improves physically, intellectually, emotionally, even spiritually. Making just one change for the better will boost my attitude from the inside out. I can actually choose what I want to change in this category first. Things I do most are the ones I need to focus on. A simple task won’t take that long.

My Successes:

§Archived wanted result: My routine task is done, just like I wanted and my colleague asked for my support.
§LCC: I liked our cooperation, she showed her gratitude, I enjoyed our care for each other and we gained positive energy, show started.
§Planned action, done: I got her feedback finally, it was done Woo Hoo!
§LCC: No matter hoe busy it was, forgot the stress & CITO and I was always there for you. I appreciated the team work.
§CoE: That was ONE request, I heard 3 voices and 3 different opinions. I clarified to those two messagers that I worked with her and they should mind their own business.

§Determination: I determined to report this event, it was my unpleasant experience with this dude. It didn’t worked for me & I hope that they should do something about it.
§Feedback: The cron was inactive for Three days! my colleague asked me about some issues and I appreciated his feedback.
§Insight: Naggers will be naggers, they made noises to get my attention. When I trust myself, then I didn’t let their noises to bother me. It wasn’t about me.
§Labels: I didn’t like these labels “autistic” or “handicapped” or “social awkward”. It was the other words of “we don’t do damned about it & sucked this up” Hey! I don’t have a label, then now what? I would rather like to hear the other answer. It was so lame to use these labels as excuses.
§Joy: I had a good laugh with my dearest, we went through thick & thin and she always made me smile. Thank you so much.

§Changes:I changed my routine today, it was different & I liked it.
§Pretty shirt: This handsome wore a beautiful shirt on , I gave my compliment and he was a happy boy. I liked shirt & he told me where to buy it.
§Intuition: she nagged about they “sometimes” didn’t get the report, I offered my support & she appreciated my offer. I talked to her supervisor and we made an arrangement.
§Insight: Silence is more than words, it works for me.
§Listening: Listening is also a way of communication, some people needed to be heard.


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