Little Things

Little things add up

It’s amazing, really. The seemingly meaningless things I do for myself may not have immediate results, but after just a short period of time they’ll have me looking and feeling better. So add those bubbles to my bath, make sure I eat my vegetables, get enough sleep, think of doing something nice when I have nothing to do, and the results will be worth it.

My Successes:

§Take it easy: I was late for the tram, I took may alternative route & so be it.
§Planned action,done: 3 bact:2 Sero, reported them and done.
§Planned action,done: the account was set, more good news about this LEAN process. YEAH!
§Love: Thank for your message, you just made my day darling ❤
§CoE: she just sent out a mail, we all adjusted and oh yeah! I asked for permission for this new adjustment. No stress & No sweat.

§Support: she asked for support, she also suggested what I might try and thanks for your input.
§CoE & LCC: Ready, Get set & we go on monday! I liked our LCC. Thank you girls.
§Joy of sharing: I had  my great chat with my dear girl, we shared our successes, fun story & thank you for the fun.
§Bad Ass: I didn’t give a fuck at all, it wasn’t my problem anymore and YOU sucked it up. I can’t take your responsibility.
§Fun: I had a happy hour with my friends, woo hoo! It was good to see you guys.

§Care: I appreciated her care for us, thanks for your support darling.
§Care & LCC: I took care of the food, he took care of me. DEAL! Thanks for picking me up, baby.
§Friendship: I enjoyed his company, we were on the same page and I was happy to have him in my life. <smile>
§Support & Kick ass: I offered my support, their excuse was “it was too busy” and I made them learn it in a very hard way! Yes, thanks for your support (MICROHIS & Zorgmail). Those people really needed some slaps.
§ What does work: Me, my positivity,her care, her support, LCC, ZEN, her honesty, her directness.
§What doesn’t work: her communication style (her way or no way), their assumption & attitude ( although I reported it, they deserved it) >> suggestion: I suggested my adjustment, I communicated with the weekend team & it worked for us
>> I clarified my stand point, I needed their expertise and those girls should do their work instead of nagging.


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