~ Just A Thought ~
Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision about my own life that upsets other people. I am responsible for MY own happiness. Anyone who wants me to live in misery for their happiness should not be in MY life to begin with.

My Successes:

§Power: I realized that I had this power to determine what I gonna do, who I gonna hang around with and where I gonna go. I trained myself to see GOOD in everything.
§Lightness: I determined to keep things light, it worked for me big time. It was a busy day with different shit and I faced these challenges as fun,not difficulties.
§Promotor mode: I realized that I can be a promotor in my blog. When my feeling flew all around in my body when I had my period. <hehe>
§Dare: I was in the cinema, this big guy turned, moved constantly, my first reaction was “sucked it up & it gotta be fine” and it got worse. Then I spoke up & told him to stop moving constantly, I felt sea sick! Thank you.
§Feeling:  My intuition was very strong, I saw a possible answers or happening. I got this bad feeling  when I was in stress, then I switched this feeling from negative to positive. I didn’t suppressed my feeling like before & I let it flow. I was not a robot anyway.

§Support: Thanks for helping me this, it meant lots to me. I was a happy girl.
§Love: I enjoyed our SaturDate, I loved to hang out with my sweet baboo.
§Planned action, done: The weekend laundry is done, I love fresh clean clothes.
§Fun: We went to a movie, woo hoo! It was pretty lame & weird <hehe>
§Responsibility: I was the one who decided what to do for my own life. I made this mistake, I was responsible and I figured it out. When I chose to be happy, then I was responsible for my action too.


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