~ Just A Thought ~

That stress I’ve placed upon my shoulders is going to crush me. Get rid of it. I don’t need to be perfect. I don’t need to have it all together. I don’t need to please everyone. Place that heavy burden on the ground. Throw it into the sea. Expel it from my being. I will be lighter in mind, body, and soul. Say NO without explanation.

My Successes:

§Care: I slept in & I loved it.
§Me time: I read my work mails in the morning, then I had my ME time.
§CoE: I clarified that I was free, it was handy for her to send a mail to the lab.
§Love: I got Q’s text, thank you so much hunny !!
§Planned action, done: I prepared my annual review for work, it was a new style and My values … oh wait! their values … Ok.

§Mrs Right: When I trust me, then I don’t care what right or wrong is (it’s very subjective sometimes!) and at least we are on the same page. I would rather create cooperation than solo show, as winner!
§CoE: Thanks for your feedback, one case is down and it was crystal clear. I love her support.
§Archived wanted result: Laundry basket is empty, yes! It’s done.
§Insight: To avoid disappointment, then to clarify.
§Insight: When I love me, then I am my priority ONE.

~Little thing in my head~

After my last blog “priority”, I realized that I always put myself on the second place in my life and I fell back to my old habit again.  I worked, supported and cared for others instead of myself. I worked, supported and cared for me sometimes, I gotta make it then I didn’t think of me all the time … hmmm Do I care for me?

Am I happy? yes I am happier than ever. I identified my mistake that I had too much feeling in my head recently, I was exhausted from energy vampire and I didn’t take good care for myself.

Do I do well? yes I do well. I also identified my mistake that I doubted my own decisions, I had too many tasks at the same time, I lost focus here & there.
Who will take care of me when I forget me? … I made myself speechless.

One: Me
Two: them
Three: I determine my happiness, I promise me to take care of me, I trust me to go for my best! Oh dammit I over-analysed me too much, I just do fine.


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