Believing in me

~Just A Thought~

I have this one life. How do I wanna spend it? Apologizing? Regretting? Questioning? Hating myself? Running after people who don’t see me?
Be BRAVE. Believe in myself. Do what feels good. Take risks. I have this one life. Make myself proud

My Successes:

§Archived wanted result: The final touch for cyber01 and I loved the result.
§CoE & LCC: I gave my feedback about this EDI project, she was happy for my support and I loved our cooperation.
§Communication: It didn’t matter what I did, listening was part of communication and people seems to forget this. I was very frustrated.
§Let Go: I asked question and I didn’t get an answer … The only thing I could do, said bye & walked away. I had it! <move on>
§Care: I took it easy this week, I took good care for myself and I felt sick! I listened to my body.

§Support: They offered their support, I appreciated it! They figured out some security issues and I waited for their feedback.
§Joy: I had a great lunch walk, I enjoyed it.
§Identified MY mistake: I was a cranky person, I chose to be alone in my room and I slammed my door. I missed my dear girl.
§Intentions: rest, lightness, care & trust.
§CoE: I called my sweet baboo about our dinner, he was OK with it <Yeah>

§Love: my dear Q sent me a text, I loved to hear from him & he made me smile big time.
§Love: Hugging my sweet baboo is the best thing of my day.
§CoE: I clarified this project, I spoke up about certain issues here and I suggested that we did this in 2 phases. <communication> <communication>
§Love your mistake: Oops! He forgot to do this WL, then the items were not on it and was it “the system” issue? Good question and perhaps he gotta follow the standard procedure.
§Take action: She started this issue again and again I suggested the same solutions. Seriously when we only talk and no action, then nothing will happen! <Arrrrgggh>

§ZEN: I enjoyed my silence, that cranky Sindy was gone. The sun shines inside & outside.
§Motivation: I saw a video from my dear, she started her rehabilitation and she did great! You go girl =)
§Yummy: I love Chinese nom nom nom ;P
§What didn’t work for me: Frustration, Shit listening, Irresponsibility and me in the morning.
~ What I can do: Clarification of Expectation, Listening, Self-trust and Lightness. Note for me: Their problems are not mine.
§What worked for me: Love, care, cooperation, understanding, motivation and open “unexpected” doors.
~ This gave me a huge drive.


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