Mission Possible

~ Just A Thought ~

No matter how impossible, unattainable, or unimaginable something may seem, if it’s meant to be, it will be.

My Successes:

§Sun Shine: it was a beautiful day & I felt better!
§Care: I took it easy, took my break & drank enough water.
§CoE: I clarified what it was going on & “it was our fault” she claimed. I found out that it was in their system & I called their tech support. I didn’t care that it was or wasn’t my fault & where was the report.
§Support: I asked for support, I appreciated her cooperation & I wasn’t the expert in their system, then I asked for help.
§Love your mistake: Oops! they did it again. I clarified this issue, I suggested some improvement and I appreciated our cooperation.

§New Knowledge: When I speak slowly in support style, then they pay more attention to my words and I got it.
§Insight: I realized that positive mind set sees every opportunity in every problem and the negative mind set see every problem in every opportunity.
§Planned action, done: this transfer is done, I was a happy girl, I clarified the issue and it was done.
§Joy Sharing: I missed my dear girl, we had some chat chit and we had our date.
§Joy Sharing: I shared my “hating-mistake-old-habit “, I actually inspired them and they gave me their compliment. yes, I learned it in a hard way & I got myself in deep trouble. Thank You Essence to helping me out.

§LCC: She asked for my support, I drew a diagram to show her how it worked and it worked for us! I loved our smiles 😉
§ZEN: I walked outside in my lunch break, it was great & I loved it.
§Love: My dear sent me his text, he cared for me and hugs x
§Love: My dear friend called me, we talked and I appreciated his love & care.
§Fun: I had a good laugh with my co-worker, I was just a naughty one and I almost peed in my pants.

§Gratitude: I made my “I have …” list yesterday, I was thankful for everything I have and what else do I want? <the famous answer !! it makes me smile>
§New Knowledge: I answered some mails directly and I changed my old routine since yesterday. I didn’t let the “invisible stress” to get me, I gave myself time to think it through, I gave myself space to finish what I was busy with and you gotta wait!
§Grateful: I appreciated his support, I thanked him for giving me that big smile on my face.
§Trust: When I trust myself, then I go for it. <Bam> Bring it on =)
§Love: the best thing of my day, hug my sweet babo 🙂


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