Girls Fun

~ Just A Thought ~

If I am trapped between my feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes me happy. Unless I want everybody to be happy, except me.

§Love: I loved our SaturDate, it was lovely outside.
§Goodies: I got this waffle with banana, the best afternoon treat & I was a happy girl. Oh .. I got ice cream & cream with it <huh!>
§Gratitude: I have got this ice-cream & cream extra from them, thank you so much!
§Fun: we went shopping, my sweet baboo got a new bag, I got an a new coffee capsules holder. Woo Hoo!
§Joy Sharing: I realized that it was a huge compliment when people came to me asking for support/advice. They trusted me, I trusted me & we created LCC.

§Fun: we were in a traffic jam <unexpected expected>, we made some silly selfies in the car & had some good fun. Time flied quicker.
§Fun: I had a girl night out with my dear Monique, it was an awesome evening, super cool live music and some nice red wine 😉
§Gratitude: I was thankful to have her in my life, her love, her sharing, her care, her friendship, her trust & her = her! Love you,girl.
§Joy Sharing: we shared our successes, we shared our events, we shared our joy and It was awesome.
§CoE: we gotta do this girls night out again! Woo hoo. Thank you so much.


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