Sexiness Three: Self-Acceptance

~ Sexy THREE ~

It’s time to realize sexiness is more a state of mind – a collected, mindful state of being.
Deep, moving sexiness is more than mere physicality and more than swaying hips and pouty lips.  It’s more than broad shoulders and six pack abs.
My new understanding about sexiness:

Happy people are authentic.  They are real and know who they are and what they like.  They are in touch with their feelings and spend time learning and growing and developing.  Self-accepting people may forgive themselves of their own shortcomings, but they don’t excuse them.
Self-acceptance is never used as an excuse for stagnation or laziness or apathy by the truly self-accepting.
A new definition of sexy in my dictionary: Self-Acceptance

My Successes:

§Early bird: We went to our early Saturdate, it was quiet, it was pleasant and I liked it.
§Planned action, done: we did our grocery shopping & now we started our quality time.
§Fun: I liked this local butcher, I appreciated their care, support & fun.
§identified MY mistake: this sucker came up in my mind again, WHY!
She didn’t play fair, she made noise, she was biased, she was a chatter and the best of all she was very close. Above all these, it still bugged me and Hey! I allowed her to bother me, I made her bigger & better than me, I allowed me as a victim and what the fuck I was doing.
I accepted this negative event with her , I accepted who I am, I accepted who she is, I accepted that this sucker can’t be my friend <I chose not to> and I just let it go for good. I learned from my mistake.
§Compliment: we had a good time, I made my remark & my sweet baboo gave me his compliment “I was wickedly funny” Thank you darling.

§New Knowledge: I can be a drama queen, I was painfully bitchy and I had fun. Now I got the idea & the fun of some people.
§New Knowledge: Fluffy ~ As I got this feedback, I wasn’t fluffy like other lady when I was at work, i worked like a man, I was sharp, I was to the point and I was me. I didn’t realized what it meant. By the way, it made me think … <hmmm …> Do I gotta be like everyone? <No> Do I have to work like everyone? <No> Am I a female without fluffy factor? <possibly> Why do we gotta be fluffy? <I don’t give a fuck> The only fluffy thing came to my mind was Big bird in sesame street !!
§Love: I had a great chat with my dear Q, he made me smile big time & he was always there for me.
§Love: the best gift of my day ~ my sweet baboo’s bear hug.
§Love: I got a text from my dear girl, thank you darling & I love you too.


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