Beauty in MY life

~ Just A Thought ~
Life doesn’t always introduce me to the people I want to meet. Sometimes life puts me in touch with the people I need to meet – to help me, to hurt me, to leave me, to love me, and to gradually strengthen me into the person I was meant to become.

My Successes:

§Care: I slept well, woke up bright and fresh in this early morning.
§Love: I had a great chat with my dear friend, good morning sweetie.
§Planned action, done: Weekend laundry was done, mission done.
§Homey food: I cooked my Sindy a la Goulash, it was yummy & nom nom nom.
§Proud: I finished this new series “Sexiness”, I have got some feedback, I was proud of what I did and I appreciated your feedback. Thank you so much.

§Successes:My Successes are all mine, I did it and I wrote it down. When she said this out of her flithy mouth, I was a little shocked and I surprised why she said it! <Aha> She has said many shit with her flithy mouth, she annoyed me, I simply clarified with a simple question “What have you missed?” <she played victim at that time> and You know, drama was her Oxygen, I didn’t give it to her and Am I her killer?  I didn’t give a fuck to be honest and I wish that I was Dart Vader.

§Planned action,done: e-tickets, flight schedules, hotels, park tickets and rental cars are all checked & prepared. Woo Hoo! we are so ready for our holiday & I didn’t gotta think about it anymore.
§Grateful: I was with my love, had a quiet day, enjoyed our homey food and Life was good.
§To be fair, I determine MY happiness, I determine what I do and I determine to let you go. I truly pushed toxic people out of my life.
§la la la la … I enjoyed the music and it made me happy.


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