Inside Job in MY life

~ I don’t waste time feeling sorry for myself ~

I don’t sit around feeling sorry about my circumstances or how others have treated me.  Instead, I take responsibility for my role in life, work on changing what can be changed, and keep in mind that life isn’t always easy or fair.  In the end, happiness is not the absence of problems, but simply the ability to deal well with them.  So look at what I have, instead of what I have lost.  It’s not what the world takes away from me that counts; it’s what I do with what I have left.

My Successes:

§Early bird: I had a good night rest, rise & shine.
§Love: I had a great chat with my dear friend, we had fun.
§Quality time: we had our SaturDate with my parents, yeah we had yummy lunch.
§Fun: we had our quality time with my parents.
§CoE: this event totally annoyed me, street was block, it was too noisy and I tweeted it.

§Care: I was cranky, my eyes were tired and I took my power nap.
§Sharing: My mommy dear shared her travel trip with us, so awesome.
§Joy: I have got 4 minion surprises for us, we have fun to put the little arms in.
§What is important to me? Responsibility. I determine, I take action and yes I do.
§Fun: I hanged out with my dear girl, woo  hoo! Fun fun. Cool band, great people & girls night was so much fun. Thank you my dear.


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