Great journey in MY life

~ I don’t compare my journey to everyone else’s ~

Social comparison is the thief of happiness.  Do MY best and don’t compare my progress with that of others.  They aren’t ME.  I need my own time to travel my own journey.  I realize this is the truth, and I live by it.

My Successes:
~ Sunday ~

§Support: My mommy dear sent me a text about some travel trips, it was awesome. Thank you mom 😉
§Love: I appreciated my parents’ support, they suggested some valuable ideas and they helped us lots.
§Care: domestic work wasn’t a job (things gonna be done!), I care for me & my sweet baboo, clean house, clean clothes & I was a happy girl.
§Holiday planner: I did some research for our future trip, we have got some cheap, direct flights to the destinations. It worked for me.
§Support: I asked for support, My sweet baboo gave me some ideas & it worked for us too.

§Inside job: I have read this article about “selfishness” It gave me some insights:
~ When I love myself, then it isn’t selfish & I deserve to be loved by me first.
~ When I determine to go for my best, then I just do it.
~ When I trust me, then I create results, Love, Care & Cooperation.
~ When I love myself & I have love for me, then I share my love with you.
~ When I am the star in my life, then I let my inner me shine and share with you.
My bottom line: When I trust me, then I don’t really give a buck how people think of me. I don’t please everyone, when you don’t like me then so be it! I don’t beg for love.

§Social comparison: This always annoys me when someone compares me with others. I am not a product, my quality is unique and I am me. I can change my attitude & my way of doing things and so do you. I appreciate your feedback, I am grateful for your care and I do mind if you constantly compare me to someone. I am angry, disappointed and hey! when I loss my cool then I prove to you that you are right. <breath in> <breath out> It isn’t gonna happen and to be honest you will be you and I don’t compare you to anyone!
I also realize that you don’t know me well and you have nothing to tell about me.  It’s sad, isn’t it?
Am I desperately wanted to be liked by you? Hell no.

~ Monday ~
§Fun: I had a great chat with Q, he made me laugh big time again.
§Care: Ironing shirts was the must. yes, I sucked and I loved shirts!
§Planned action, done: finished the laundry, all done.
§Me time: I enjoyed my day, I was just lazy a little and I liked it.
§Kundalini yoga: Let everything go, I activated the mantra, my head was all empty and I felt good.


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